About the Project

The Irish Channel Project developed from our desire to learn more about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) while working on our master’s degrees in History at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The Channel provided an intersection in our varying interests in Irish, religious, and ethnic histories, as well as a manageably sized study area.  

About Us

Meet the ladies behind the project:


Maegan’s research interests focus on spatial and material culture, which she used in her public history thesis project at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

An Irish dancer and committee member of Celtic Bayou Festival, Maegan works towards educating the public about Louisiana’s rich, diverse cultural history and resources. Visit www.maeganasmith.com to learn more.


Victoria’s research interests lie in ethnic and religious segregation in the American South and legal history. 

After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in May 2016 with her MA in American History, Victoria has worked as an adjunct instructor and administrator at UL Lafayette and LSU Eunice.

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